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Some of earned honors by Pamin

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    Selected as the best standard Industrial Group in 2018

    Appreciation of Pars Ailin Mehr Company, as a selected quality unit, in the Conference of International Standards and the Fourth Industrial Revolution, in 2018, by the Standard Organization of East Azerbaijan Province

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    Selected company by the Specialized Association of Research and Development Centers of Industries and Mines

    Selecting Pamin Industrial Group, as the best industrial unit, by the Specialized Association of Research and Development Centers of Industries and Mines

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    The Best Agricultural unit of the province in 2016

    Selecting Pamin Industrial Group as the Best Agricultural unit of the province by the Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare, in the 17th appreciation Festival of the best units of the province

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    Selected unit of food and health industries in 2012

    Selecting Pars Ailin Mehr Company as the best unit of food and health industries in 2012 by the Ministry of Industry and Mines

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History of"PAMIN"

Pamin was born in 2004 with the beginning of the study phase. At this stage, the expertise and experience of university professors as well as internal experts with 5000 Man-hour activity, were used optimally. In addition, two working trips were made to European countries as holders of technology for egg processing industries, during which detailed business and scientific talks were held with relevant experts and managers.

In the next stage, the contract for the purchase of machinery and technology and technical knowledge was concluded with the Belgian company Ovobel as one of the top technology holders. In the third stage, the location for the construction of the factory was done and according to the geopolitical conditions and production and consumption of eggs, the northwest region and the city of Tabriz as the location of the factory and construction of the factory, on a land area of 10 thousand square meters, It started with the construction of 4,000 square meters in the industrial town of Ostad Ali Nasab in Tabriz in 2006.Read more

Dr. Reza Jafari

Founder and CEO of Pamin Industrial Group

Dr. Reza Jafari is one of the entrepreneurs in the field of food industry who was born in 1971 and has a professional doctorate degree in strategic business management, is founder and CEO of Pamin Industrial Group, member of the board of directors of the Association of Industrial Managers, veep and member of The Association of Industrial Managers of the province, member of the board of the House of Industry and Mining of the province,  member of the board and the secretary of the East Azerbaijan Food Industry Association. In addition to entrepreneurship, he has made innovation and progress with the latest technologies as the criterion and headline of his businesses, and in this regard, he has used the capacity of the young workforce.

Dr. Fahimeh Dokhanchi

Factory manager and board member of Pamin Industrial Group

The desire to make a positive difference in the lives of others is one of the most important characteristics of successful women entrepreneurs and a high motivation for their economic activities. Earn high income, prove ability, use education and. . . A sense of helping others and making a difference in their lives is a major factor in women’s economic activity. Dr. Fahimeh Dokhanchi, born in 1976, is a member of the board of directors and factory manager of Pamin Industrial Group, a nutrition graduate from Tabriz University of Medical Sciences, and has a master’s degree in MBA and a doctorate in professional business management.

Why “PAMIN“?

To choose any brand, the customers must find factors in the target product so that they can choose it with ease; Below are some compelling reasons to choose Pamin.


Competitive with foreign counterparts

In the field of powders, industrial, commercial and supplements produced by this company, we play the leading role in Iran and have the ability to compete with foreign counterparts.


Our share in the domestic market

Due to the existing infrastructure in the company and high production capacity, there is no limit, so most of the market share of liquid and egg powders belongs to PAMIN.


Export status of the company

In order to develop the country’s non-oil exports, the company has been able to export its products to neighboring countries such as Afghanistan, Pakistan, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Iraq and the Persian Gulf countries.

High quality raw materials

Use of quality raw materials, use of professional and skilled personnel and young people, good quality, honesty, punctuality

quality of products

The final products are produced and supplied in the best possible quality according to the use of high quality raw materials and observing all standard parameters in the field of final product quality and according to continuous chemical and microbial analysis.

Quality Improvement


Due to the imported egg to the factory and the purchase of first-class raw materials, its output is also excellent under the constant supervision of the company’s quality control.

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