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Pamin Industrial Group considers entrepreneurship and job creation as its social missions, and always tries to strengthen its human resources. In this way, the complex goes a step further and returns its staff as members of a large family. Efficient and skilled manpower is the biggest asset of any company, including Pamin. In this regard, Pamin tries to provide a context for identifying and developing the talent of the youth of this region and invite other interested people to join the Pamin family if they wish.

Terms of cooperation with Pamin:

  1. Citizenship of the Islamic Republic of Iran
  2. Having employment conditions according to the laws of the Islamic Republic of Iran
  3. Having no criminal record
  4. Having the necessary expertise in the field of cooperation
  5. Provide financial guarantees desired by the company

If you wish to cooperate, please fill out the form below for details on how to cooperate or contact us by phone.

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