Ingredients :
• L- Leucine, L-Valine, L- Isoleucine

Product Description:
• Available in 300 g packaging.
• ۴۲ Scoops per container.

Nutritional and Health information:
• This product increase the protein synthesis in the body.
• BCAA avoids muscle’s protein loss.
• This product reduces muscle pain after exercise and workout.

Nutrition Facts: (In one scoop of product)

• ۳٫۵ g L-Leucine
• ۱٫۷۵ g L- Valine
• ۱٫۷۵ g L-Isoleucine

* Do not use without doctor permission by people who are being treated, people with certain diseases and pregnant women.
* Use this product with a healthy and balanced diet and not as a replacer of that.
* It is recommended to consult a trainer, doctor or nutritionist before use.


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