Big circular Yufka-Filo Paste



Produced from wheat null flour with high gluten and packed in aseptic thermoforming packaging.

This product is produced in completely hygienic conditions and in compliance with food safety principles. It has the official production license from Food and Drug Administration.

Production license number : 21/22087

All the products are transported and distributed under controlled refrigerated condition by the cold chain of Ailin Pakhsh Co. (Distribution company of Pamin group)

This paste is suitable for preparing different kinds of desserts and finger foods.

Description :

Weight                   ۴۷۰ g

Dimensions           ۲۱*۲۱*۲۱ cm

Packaging              Thermo


Nutrition Facts : ( in 3 sheets of paste)

Energy                                   ۱۸۰ Kcal

Carbohydrate                       ۰٫۸ g

Fat                                          ۰٫۳ g

Salt                                         ۰٫۷ g

Trans Fatty acids                  ۰


Suggested cooking recipe ->  Pizza with yufka paste

Ingredients :

Eido Round Yufka paste                         ۱ pack

Chopped sausage                                      ۱۰۰ g

Chopped olives                                          ۱۰۰ g

Chopped mushroom                                ۱۰۰ g

Chopped tomato                                      ۱۰۰ g

Shredded pizza cheese                           ۱۰۰ g

Ketchup sauce                                       ۱ tbsp

Cooking oil                                             as required


Defrost yufka paste (it is recommended to put the frozen yufka in fridge 12 hours before use to defrost. This is for slow defrosting which prevents to have a moisten surface and sticking the sheets to each other. Then you can separate the layers easily. Or you can also take the yufka out of freezer 2 hours before use and defrost it in room temperature. Make a 3-4 cm cut on the pack to let the air go inside the package but don’t open it completely)

Rub the melted butter on the yufka sheet surface put the second layer of paste on it and again rub the butter. Repeat in to six layers. Rub the ketchup sauce on the top of yufka and put the mix of chopped sausage, olive, mushroom and tomato on it. Cover the whole surface with shredded pizza cheese.

Put some sliced vegetable and sausage on top for decoration and topping. Bake the pizza in oven for 20-30 minutes in 180 C.


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